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5 Tips for Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Cat overweight is a concerning issue as it can lead to life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. To determine if your cat is overweight, look at its body from above, the body should have a smooth outline. 

If the abdomen bulges to the sides, it's time to start a weight-loss plan. Place your fingers on both sides of your cat's body, if you can feel the ribs, then your cat has an ideal body shape. If you need to press down to feel the ribs, your cat is overweight! When your cat is in a squatting position, its front legs should be able to be parallel. If the front legs don't close, then it's overweight! So how can you help your cat lose weight?

1. Encourage your cat to exercise

An overweight cat tends to be lazier and less inclined to exercise, which is not good for its health. Therefore, it's essential to interact with your cat for at least 30 minutes a day, using cat toys or a cat leash to encourage physical activity. This should become a daily routine and can be broken down into smaller time intervals to increase your cat's exercise levels and achieve weight loss.

2.Stop feeding your cat meat supplements

Feeding your cat meat supplements is a common practice to ensure that it has enough nutrients. However, if your cat is overweight, it means it's getting too much nutrition. During your cat's weight loss period, stop feeding meat supplements and give it some healthy fruits and vegetables with fiber to balance its nutrition and improve its health.

3. Separate feeding locations

During your cat's weight loss period, prepare three cat bowls and place the food and bowls in different locations to encourage your cat to walk and increase its physical activity. If possible, place the bowls in areas that require jumping, such as a cat jumping frame or table.

4.Feed your cat small portions multiple times a day

Change your cat's feeding routine to smaller portions multiple times a day, similar to feeding a kitten. Give your cat four meals a day with a set amount of food. If necessary, reduce the amount of food gradually.

5.Choose low-fat cat food

Choosing the right cat food is crucial in weight loss. Feeding your cat with high-fat food may lead to obesity and diarrhea. Therefore, it's recommended to switch to a low-fat cat food with an oil content of around 13%-16%.


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