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How to put a leash on a cat?

Taking a cat out is not an easy task, especially for cats that are easily frightened and unpredictable. Therefore, when you want to take your cat out, you will need a leash. First, you need to make sure that your cat has been vaccinated and dewormed to avoid possible bacterial infections. So how should you use a cat leash? Let's learn how to use it properly.

Before taking your cat out, prepare a leash that is neither too tight nor loose when your cat is wearing it. The length should be just right so that your cat cannot slip out of it, and you should be able to insert one finger between the leash and your cat's neck. If your cat struggles when you put on the leash, you can use your legs to hold your cat down.

To put on a shoulder strap leash, put it around your cat's front legs. If your cat resists, you can take off the leash, give your cat some treats, and calm it down. Teach your cat to wear the leash when it is in a good mood so that it will cooperate patiently. When your cat is feeling better, try putting on the leash again.

Once the leash is on, it should hold your cat's front legs in place. Fasten the clasp behind your cat's neck. Check the tightness with your finger; you should be able to insert one finger between the leash and your cat's neck. If it is too tight or loose, adjust the length of the leash accordingly.

After putting on the shoulder strap, attach the leash. Make sure it is fastened securely to prevent your cat from getting nervous and running away. Try shaking the leash from side to side to test its tightness.

Once the leash is on, walk your cat slowly indoors to help your cat get used to it. Let your cat take a few rounds indoors. Don't rush the process; it may take a few days for your cat to adapt. Every day, put on the leash and take your cat for a walk indoors, giving your cat time to adjust. If your cat behaves well, be sure to reward it with some treats. Additionally, it is best not to exceed 15-20 minutes of training time per day to prevent your cat from becoming impatient and resistant.

We recommend that you use a beginner's leash for your cat in the early stages. Mewcats offers many different types of leashes that are suitable for cats of various sizes.