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Cat Walking Training Tips

If your cat has been free-range since it was young and is used to going out and coming home at certain times, then you don't need to worry about its level of exercise. On the contrary, if your cat is a homebody and lives in a small living space, as a pet owner, it is recommended that you take them out for exercise every day for their health!

Cats have a strong explosive power, so when walking a cat, it is necessary to control them well and not let them run around, otherwise it will be difficult for the owner to catch them, and there may be traffic accidents. In order to prevent the cat from running away, a leash should be used. This kind of leash is threaded through the cat's two front legs instead of directly on the neck, which is more comfortable and safer for the cat. When putting on a leash for a cat, it is important to pay attention to the tension, it should not be too tight or too loose, otherwise the cat may slip out of the shoulder strap when it shrinks.

At first, cats may not be accustomed to being restrained and will lie down on the ground and try to escape as soon as they are put on a leash. Therefore, do not rush to put it on them. Instead, the owner should first drag the leash around the house to attract the cat's attention and let them chase it. Once they are familiar with the leash, the shoulder strap and leash can be separated, and only the shoulder strap should be worn (indoors only), allowing the cat to get used to the feeling of wearing it.

Gradually, if the cat no longer resists the shoulder strap, the owner can try attaching the leash to it and taking the cat for a walk around the house, teaching them to gradually get used to this restraint. The first time the cat is taken outside, it should be in a place near the residence and not too far away, allowing them to get used to the surrounding sounds and scenery, and the owner should pay close attention to the cat's reactions.

If a cat is very fearful, it is recommended to abandon the idea of taking them for a walk and not to force them. Overly forcing a cat will only make them feel scared, and they may accidentally hurt their owner in a panic. It may also have a negative impact on the cat's personality, which is not what the owner and the cat want. How your cat behaves depends on their personality, so before using a leash to walk your cat, you should understand your cat and let them walk on their own instead of pulling them.

Taking your cat for a walk regularly is very beneficial for their physical and mental health. When taking your cat for a walk, the most important thing is not the owner's happiness, but the cat's happiness. It is best to train your cat to go for a walk from a young age. First, train the cat to wear a collar and leash, let them walk around their own doorstep, and then lead them to farther places, gradually adapting them to this type of walk. Once the cat is adapted, they can be taken for walks on the street or in the park. If the cat is unwilling, do not force them, and try again another time.

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