Why Become Mewcats Partner?


Who Can Become Our Partner?


1. You have 10000 above certain number of followers on public accounts.

2. Your social medias have a good engagement.

3. You can provide High Quality photos or videos.

4. You are willing to share cooperation link and discount on your profile and tag us.

5. YouTube influencers can be given priority.

6. Join our partner program


What information do we need from you?


Send the information to our email: mewcatsshop@gmail.com

1. Links to the social media that you use most often.

2. Your follower breakdown includes countries, gender, and age within half a year.

3. Your social accounts reached in one month.

4. Links to your previous collaboration example (post/video/blog).

5. ID or registered email of our partner program site. (Optional)