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Round Bed Cat 4 Color Scratcher Pad Grinding Claws

Round Bed Cat 4 Color Scratcher Pad Grinding Claws

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Round Bed Cat Scratcher Pad Grinding Claws 4 Color Kitten Scrapers

About This Item

  • Round Cat Scratcher Pad Grinding Claws - an innovative product that satisfies your cat's scratching needs while providing a massage-like sensation.
  • This cat scratcher pad fits most cats and kittens, it is carefully designed according to cats daily habits, is practical, space saving, small, compact, and doesnt take up too much space.
  • Cat scratching pad provides cats with an outlet to scratch, saving your furniture and carpets from their sharpen claws activities.Cat scratcher board is made of corrugated paper, eco friendly, wear resistant and scratch resistant.
  • The cat scratcher board attracts your cat to play, protect your furniture from scratches and satisfy the cats natural scratching instinct, increasing cats exercise and fun.
  • The best holiday and birthday gift for you and all your cat loving friends.
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Round Bed Cat Scratcher Pad Grinding Claws 4 Color Kitten Scrapers


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Customer Reviews

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Sometimes I get worried when I purchase cat products because I never know whether they’ll actually like it or if they’ll sniff it once and never pay attention to it again. Sometimes it feels like my cats dislike anything I spend money on and only like things that are free. Usually when I buy a cat bed, they prefer the box it came in instead. HOWEVER, this was thankfully not the case with this scratcher bed! Both of my kitties are obsessed with this thing. There is CONSTANTLY a kitty laying on this thing. As soon as one gets up, the other one immediately lays down. Your kitties will love you if you buy this for them, I promise.


More than using it for a scratcher, my cat sleeps in this bed! I am happy with the purchase.


Well, my cat will use her other scratchers but this she just wants to sleep in. It’s hilarious but she loves it as a bed! It’s well worth the cost just to see that she likes it for something! It’s larger than we thought though - she’s a small kitty (about 12 lbs) and it fits her perfectly!


When it comes to sharpening their claws, my cats love all scratchers, as well as most furniture and every pair of work boots in the house. This is really kind of small for them to scratch without anchoring it somewhere. They can still do it, but the preferred use is as a bed. The Bat thinks it's a wallow bowl, so if your cat is a wallower, it's perfect, but everyone else agrees it's an ergonomic cat bed that's adjustable (they can drag it) and fits up to two cats (provided at least one is a kitten). It hasn't been empty yet, even with company over. They would rather chance an encounter with actual human guests under 10 years old than abandon this bed. Definitely worth the money.


This is the best quality and stylish cat scratcher i've found! I've bought 6 to date because my cat loves them and even sleeps on them. Totally saving my carpet for sure! Think he likes the unique concave shape of this one and because it's so sturdy it doesn't move when he scratches like cheaper ones do. Appreciate that this whole unit is essentially recyclable or at least contains no plastic so it can decompose naturally and more environmentally friendly vs. other versions. Worth the price!

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